Our Medical Services

Our interdisciplinary team consists of: Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Rehabilitation doctors including Orthopaedic surgeons and Neurologists, Social Workers, Speech Therapists and experienced professional nurses from Mediclinic Muelmed. We also have consulting Orthotists, and Dieticians.

Our Different Units


Spinal Unit

This unit caters for spinal cord injuries, amputations, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, joint replacements and other conditions affecting the spine and mobility.


Neuro Unit

The Neuro unit caters for Strokes, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Parkinsons Disease, neuropathies and other neurological diseases.


Pressure Ulcer Unit

This specialised unit focusses on managing of pressure ulcers especially for patients with a spinal cord injury.


Paediatric Unit

We specialise in rehabilitation for children with post birth conditions eg. Traumatic brain injuries, meningitis, near drowning as well as spinal cord injuries and management of these conditions.


Out Patient Unit

This department enables our patients to continue with therapy post discharge as needed.

Other Specialised Services

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The medical service in the rehabilitation unit at Muelmed is provided by Dr Terry & Associates Inc. The doctors take responsibility for the patients’ medical care and treatment. They give special attention to bladder and bowel problems, wounds and spasticity.

Specialised services offered by the medical team includes a hand clinic that focuses on patients with quadriplegia. Patients are evaluated for a potential tendon or nerve transfer that could maximise arm function. The team also offers a spasticity clinic. A management plan could include botulin injections, an intra thecal pump, medication or to be referred for outpatient therapy, a home programme or splinting by the therapy team.


Rita Henn and Partners Inc. is a group therapy practice offering multidisciplinary physical rehabilitation. Our team is made up of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Therapists.

We tailor-make intensive rehabilitation programmes, giving each individual the opportunity to achieve maximum independence following a traumatic event in their lives. We embrace the philosophy of outcome-based rehabilitation.

Rita Henn and Partners Inc. provides a holistic rehabilitation service, where individual treatment sessions are complemented by group therapies, community outings and visits to our patients’ homes where possible, as part of our comprehensive planning and treatment programmes. Once the inpatient rehabilitation programme is complete, we also offer comprehensive outpatient services with the aim of fully re-integrating our patients into their communities, work, school and family lives.


Charis Psychological Services takes care of our patients emotional needs at the rehabilitation unit. We offer psychological services in conjunction with the physical rehab process. We believe that emotional recovery and wellbeing plays an important part in the road to holistic recovery. We offer emotional support to patients, including trauma debriefing, psychotherapy, adjustment support, group support sessions, sexual rehabilitation, and preparation for life after discharge from rehab. The psychology programme at the rehab unit at Muelmed is tailored to meet the individual needs of patient.


It is of our view that support should not stop once patients leave the hospital, rather it should be provided throughout the patients’ reintegration back into their home life to ensure a smooth rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation centre at Muelmed train peer supporters to provide such support to patients whilst they are in hospital and after they have been discharged.

This initiative is supported and funded by Bold Moves – Association Incorporated under Section 21.


Marelise de Wet & Associates provides the social work service at the unit. This service plays an important role in the patient’s process of re-entering the broader community after a life changing experience. They offer individual counselling, group work sessions and assists the patient’s family to come to terms with the condition. Paediatric patients receive play therapy. The social workers ensure that the patient is discharged to a safe and supportive environment.


The role we play in the rehabilitation unit is to ensure that the nutritional requirements of our patients are met to support their health anf over-all wllbeing. Not only do we aim nutrition support at recovery, but also to prevent weight load, boost immune function and provide sufficient energy that our pasients need to recover.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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